Public Policy Related Projects

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Go Electric or Burn Coal: A Field Experiment” (Hanming Fang, Li King King, Peiyao Shen)

We study how households choose between coal versus electric heating.

Igniting Deliberation to Reduce Misperception: A Randomized Field Experiment (Andreas Hefti, Peiyao Shen,  Li King King)

We investigate the role of deliberation on reducing misperception using a large scale filed experiment on choice of low and high energy efficiency air conditioners.

Labor market discrimination

Childbearing Age and Gender Discrimination on Labor Market: A Large-scale Field Experiment (Li King King,  Li Lunzheng, Si Wei, Xu Zhibo)

We conduct a large scale field experiment to investigate the effect of childbearing age on labor market gender discrimination.

Ethnic disparities

We study the difference in competitive inclination between Han and Yi.