2023-10-12 Dr. Li gave a seminar in Lingnan University, Hong Kong, on “Information, Cognition and Choice: A Field Experiment”

2023-06-02 Seminar by Prof. Chew Soo Hong (NUS and SWUFE)

Title: Attention Theory, Soft and Hard

Abstract: The human brain, consuming a mere 20 watts, is miserly in minimizing energy expenditure constantly and unconsciously, giving rise to a volatile and context-sensitive attentional process. This talk builds on both “soft” modeling based on revealed choice and “hard” modeling which seeks additionally biological accuracy. In the soft attention theory (SAT) model, the generally varying utility of a lottery emerges from potentially volatile decision weights. In binary choice, SAT always exhibits EU-conforming behavior in the correlated Allais common-consequence problem if and only if attention is symmetric, which coincides formally with Regret Theory and Salience Theory. We further offer a hard attention theory (HAT) model through a quartet of neurotransmitters–dopamine (DA), serotonin (5HT), acetylcholine (ACh), and norepinephrine (NE). Building on the application of DA and 5HT tones to model the loss-gain differentiation in risk attitude (Zhong et al., 2009), we hypothesize that ACh and NE tones modulate respectively the top-down and bottom-up components of the attention function in SAT. This yields predictions which are tested in a preregistered placebo-controlled RCT experiment using nicotine (ACh agonist) and Ventolin (NE agonist) to manipulate top-down attention and bottom-up salience. Preliminary findings will be discussed.

2023-05-04 Seminar by Prof. Wang Xianghong 王湘红 (中国人民大学)

Title: Asymmetric Framing in a Public Goods Game with Asymmetric Endowments

Abstract: Individual contributions to public goods can be framed in absolute or relative metrics. We examine how the framing salience affects the contribution behavior when group members are heterogeneously endowed, based on a reference-dependent theory with salience weights allocated to the absolute or relative reference points. We test our theory through an experimental design where the framing is either uniform (absolute or relative for all players) or asymmetric for players with different endowments. We find that absolute framing incentivizes higher public goods contributions than the relative framing, while the asymmetric framing with relative for high-type and absolute for low-type members leads to increased contribution levels. We further discuss the competing effects of framing salience and the self-serving bias on contribution behavior. Our study contributes to a better understanding of the preference for absolute vs. relative comparisons, and provides implications for related public policies for public goods.

2023-04-14 Dr. Li gave a seminar in Peking University, National School of Development on on a field experiment on childbearing age and gender discrimination in hiring.

2023-02-08 Dr. Li gave two seminars in Maastricht university.

2023-01-09 Dr. Li gave a seminar in NYU Abu Dhabi on a field experiment on childbearing age and gender discrimination in hiring.

2022-11-26 – 27. Workshop 2022 Successfully held
2022-11-24. Dr. Li gave a talk on behavioral labor economics to HR professionals in the HRTech forum in Shenzhen.
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22-04-2022. Undergraduate students theses defense presentations with topics on fintech and financial decision-making using experimental economics


14-01-2022. Dr. Li King King gave a talk “Childbearing Age and Gender Discrimination on Labor Market: A Large-scale Field Experiment” (joint with Si Wei, Li Lunzhen, Xu Zhibo) at CUHK Department of Decision Science and Managerial Economics Seminar


2021-12-25. Greater Bay Area Fintech University Forum


Dr. Li King King gave a presentation on the findings of the project on excessive borrowing of young people.


Nov 20-21, 2021. SZU public policy and experimental economics workshop 2021



深圳大学公共政策与实验经济学研讨会2021 (SZU Public Policy and Experimental Economics Workshop 2021)于11月20-21日成功举办,此研讨会旨在促进行为与实验经济学领域学者及其前沿研究成果的广泛深入交流,推进中国行为与实验经济学的理论与方法创新,打造行为与实验经济学本土化和国际化的可持续发展的最高水平学术交流平台。本次研讨会由深大微众金融科技学院和深圳南特商学院的实验经济学研究团队(李景景副教授、李论正副研究员、徐智博博士后)组织,并由深大微众金融科技学院(SWIFT)和国家自然科学基金(项目号71973099)提供资助。会议邀请了17 位使用实验经济学方法研究公共政策的国内外顶尖和青年学者进行报告, 报告涵盖了公共政策的多个领域,例如环境保护、劳动力市场歧视和教育政策等等。

The SZU Public Policy and Experimental Economics Workshop was held successfully on 20 Nov and 21 Nov, 2021. The workshop features 17 distinguished and promising speakers on topics that use experimental economics to investigate public policy related issues such as labor market discrimination, environmental protection, and educational policy research. The workshop was organized by the experimental economics research team (King King Li, Lunzheng Li, Zhibo Xu) at SWIFT and SABS, and sponsored by SWIFT and NSFC fund 71973099.

Workshop Program and Invited Speakers 研讨会日程与演讲嘉宾


10-12-2022. Dr. Li King King gave a talk at WeBank on how to use behavioral economics and experimental economics to conduct research. Dr. Li also shared the findings on the project on borrowing behavior joint with WeBank.

20-10-2021. Thesis ideas brainstorming meeting with Msc Fintech and Risk Control students

24-10-2021. Dr. Li King King and Dr. Xu Zhibo gave talks at 2021 Beijing Normal University Conference of Experimental Economics